party organizers in west palm beach, fl

When it comes to celebrations, collaborations, and get-togethers, the only thing more important than the sole objective of the party is the organizer themselves. You “carry the team” to ensure that everything is perfect from beginning to end. This time, however, it’s your time to take a load off and let us carry you.

In Downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401 at 209 S Olive Avenue, we at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms are dedicated to giving your family, peers, and coworkers a next-level experience. Our location, just south of Clematis Street and east of City Place, has five premier escape rooms where your party goers will be locked up for one hour and solve a series of puzzles, riddles, and clues to escape the room.

So, you’re probably thinking, “This sounds easy enough, but where do we even begin?”
Here’s your answer in five effortless steps:

  • Upon booking your room, you and your group arrive 15 minutes before your booking time (which is the time we start your game, so be punctual). Once you get here, we take it from there.
  • After ensuring everyone has locked up their cell phones and purses in our complimentary lockers and used the restroom (you are in the room for an hour, after all!), we take your party members into their designated room.
  • Your group of people are given a short introduction as to what objects may or may not be a part of the game.
  • The group watches a short set of informational videos.
  • The escape room experience begins with the hour counting down and everyone having a blast while finding out how to escape the room!

West Palm Beach Escape Rooms is made up of a team of dreamers and doers with a heart for helping people have a precarious but pleasurable time. We have five diverse difficulties that, on a scale of 1 being the easy-peasy and 10 being very complex, are between levels 5-9. There are absolutely no limitations to the amount of fun your team will have. Book a room here or call us for any other inquiries at 561-660-5120. We’ll see you soon!

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