sweet 16 ideas

There are three days that are of utmost importance to a young lady: her 21st birthday, her wedding day, and, best for last of course, her Sweet 16. Sure, there are other days along the way that will come packed full of sentimental value, but her 16th birthday is one that you’ll want her to remember for the rest of her life. She’s becoming a crucial member of society. She has a bright future, and you want to make sure she makes the most out of her fleeting days as a minor. Located at 209 S Olive Avenue is the answer to your perfect birthday hopes, prayers, and aspirations.

West Palm Beach Escape Rooms is a light and captivating environment that is loaded with a wide variety of puzzles, keys, and locks for your birthday girl and her team of friends and family to find and conquer within an hour. We have five diversely themed rooms with different levels of difficulty which, on a scale of one being the easiest and 10 being very complex, rest between levels five through nine. These rooms all have the ability to bring the birthday party to a whole new level of fun.

Sure, you could take them bowling, rollerblading, or to the movies, but the only thing they’ll gain from either of those activities is more dedication to following a boring and old routine. You want to know that you’re getting more bang for your buck. The girls won’t grow closer with any other birthday destination than with what we have in store for them at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms. The name of the game isn’t just about solving puzzles and clues to escape; it’s about everyone communicating and working together. Everyone’s ideas and imagination are put to the test, and they learn more about each other through problem solving and time management than they ever would at a cinema.

We at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms are one big family, so you can rest assured that we’ll help your birthday girl has the perfect Sweet 16. Book her dream birthday here or call us at 561-660-5120 if you have any questions or want assistance booking. We’ll see you soon!

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