family reunions in west palm beach, fl

Our family members are more precious than jewels to us. Our cousins are our first real friends, and we wouldn’t be the people we are and are still developing into without the few words of guidance from aunts, uncles, and grandparents along the way. Here at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms, we value family bonding and want to provide an intriguing and lively environment. WPB Escape Rooms on 209 S Olive Avenue is the perfect destination for your next family reunion.

Family gatherings may be for playing catch-up and having fun, but this is also your time to show off your own neck of the woods and party ideas. Our facility is located a mere two blocks south of Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401, making us the perfect destination for wining and dining before or after your escape room experience. Want to bring a cake? It’s no problem at all. At West Palm Beach Escape Rooms, your group’s satisfaction is important to us. While we do not cater, we are more than willing to help you accommodate your group’s needs.

Now that food and location is covered, you’re probably wondering what exactly West Palm Beach Escape Rooms consists of. Inside our premier escape rooms, your group must work together to solve a series of puzzles, hints, equations, and clues within an hour to escape the room. Each room has a different theme and difficulty; your discoveries could be anything from finding out what happened to Ms. Elvira Price, disarming a bomb, or being initiated to “The Secret Society Escapists.” With five room themes available to your group, the outcomes and amount of fun you all will have are limitless. We do not have an age limit and we believe that everyone’s imaginations will soar during their experience. Your family is guaranteed an adrenaline rush along with bettered communication skills.

We have your family’s reunion sorted out for you already. We’re ready for you and your loved ones, but are you up for it? Do you all have what it takes? Book your escape rooms here or call us for inquiries and/or assistance at 561-660-5120. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms will see you soon!

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