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This place is great! I definitely recommend going with your family, friends, or coworkers! The employees are fantastic and the experience is worth every penny. Go check it out now!

This place is amazing! This was my husband and I’s first escape room and we are HOOKED. We were impressed with the quality of the rooms, equipment, and even cleanliness of the place. The host was very
friendly, informative, professional

We did the “Classroom of Doom” as part of a staff outing. None of our group had ever done an escape room, so we were unsure of what to expect. The Great Escapist staff was amazing at explaining how everything would work and Randi, our Game Master was so fun and helpful, but only when needed! The puzzles were challenging, but so fun to figure out and our entire group was so invested in the experience. I feel we worked together as a group and had a good mix of personality types and still only escaped with 2 minutes to spare. By the end of the challenge your adrenaline is racing and your heart pounding. When you finally escape, it’s an amazing feeling, so everyone in your group is actually cheering and jumping up and down. Since we did this as a Staff Team Building experience Randi took the time to tell us her thoughts on how we worked as a team and areas we could improve.

From the first phone call until the moment we finished the game and walked out of the store, we had an amazing experience! 4 college students, 2 parents, and Grandma all had a blast figuring out The Classroom.

I would give a million stars if I could! I have been to escape rooms in New York 4 times, this place blows them all out of the water! I cannot tell you how amazing my experience here was! We did “The Classroom of Doom” last night and had so much fun, we came back to “dismantle a bomb” tonight. Adam, Randi, and the “game master” were all so friendly, personable, fun, and such a blast! I highly recommend coming here! I cannot WAIT to try the other rooms! The rooms are so much fun, but are challenging as well. This is an experience for people of all ages!

This is such a fun place! It is so different from anything out there, it is not just drinking or going out to eat you actually get to do something and have a great time doing it. We will be back for sure! Thank you for such a fun time! Seriously the best night out

We did the Classroom of Doom with our teenagers and their friends (13-15 years old). We had a blast! It was really neat to see the different strengths of each of the kids (and adults) surface and the little ego boost that came with solving each clue. The room was very thought out and the Game Master was fantastic and involved the perfect amount. We can’t wait to do another room here, maybe next time with adult friends on a date night. Also, if you’re not from the area, this is located a 4 minute walk from Clematis and some very yummy ice cream.Caught some fun entertainment after so made for a great end to an awesome evening. We are still talking about it. Most definitely recommend this place! 6 stars if I could!!

It was AWESOME. We did the secret society room and it was brilliant! A lot of fun I’d definitely recommend it.

LOVED this place.
It was my first time doing an escape room. If you are a person that finds solving things satisfying you have to go here!!I highly recommend the bomb escape. It had me sweating. Literally. Adam and Randi are so awesome and you can tell they are so into making these rooms. They really love what they do and ask for feed back too which is awesome. I am planning on coming back tomorrow !! 6 stars if I could

We’ve done escape rooms around the country. This is the very best! The staff is a blast! The technical difficulty is top notch!