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You and your work colleagues are looking to bring your business to the next level. You need something hands on, intriguing, and memorable. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms has exactly what you need to get the sales and reviews you’re looking for. By booking our themed rooms, your guests are put in their simplest and most mind-wracking form. This, along with the multitude of puzzles and clues, create the perfect motivational environment to get the blood pumping and the minds cranking. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms will give you and your employees a memorable experience as well as motivate them to find new work ethics to liven up the work place. No more dozing off and wishing they were somewhere else.

Call today to book your escape room experience. We can’t wait to get your employees back into the groove and help you all grow as a work family. We’re only one block down from Clematis in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, so the bonding can continue even after you’ve left our facility.

What are you waiting for? Are you and your coworkers up for it?

It’s time to move your team to the next level. Business is important and you’re after a group of employees that are inspired and successful. At West Palm Beach Escape Rooms, we promise you an hour full of the communication, trust, leadership, and bonding skills your business needs to go above and beyond what you ever imagined possible. Through this compelling group experience, your team is pushed to use business basics while also communicating ideas at a fast pace. Our 209 South Olive Ave destination in West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 has all of the amazing results you didn’t know you were looking for.

Escape Rooms have proven to be a successful event for all sorts of business all across the globe, including those from places like Japan to all of Europe and back here in the United States. This building process is not something you’ll want to miss and, best of all, we’re only one block away from Downtown Clematis Street. You all have a lot of potential, so go for it. Book your team’s escape room experience today. Your business’ success will thank you.

Life is precious, and we want to help you and your loved ones celebrate! From birthdays, anniversaries, and surprise parties, we’ve got you covered! You want to make the night impressive and memorable, and you want to see your party happy. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms near Clematis has expertly built themed rooms to provide your family with the thrills that will last you a life time. Whether you’re looking for a simple challenge like our Classroom of Doom or something adrenaline jerking like our current master-level room Secret Society, you and the people around you will LOVE what we have to offer.

It’s about building a better team bond. You’re after a time of effortless and light communication, after all! Escape rooms are a hands-on activity that bring a fast and new twist to entertainment. Better yet, our West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 destination is PERFECT for all ages. Whether this is a Sweet 16, the big 21, or your 60th anniversary, we have all the entertainment and thrill you need. All you need to bring are yourselves 15 minutes before your booking time. You and your guests do not want to miss out on this amazing experience! Come on down to 209 S Olive Avenue, one block over from Clematis, and get ready for laughter and excitement. Call now or book here to get your adventure started!

“Finally!” you think, “The girls and I are all free to spend the night… doing the same things we ALWAYS do?” Of course that’s not what you want! Worthwhile memories aren’t made sitting at a bar, in a restaurant, at the movies. You ladies work hard, and it is definitely time you treat yourselves to the fun experience you deserve! Girls Night Out is all about letting your hair down. You ladies need laughter, a game of wits, as well as a good-old mystery, and West Palm Beach Escape Room has you covered. Call to book with us!

You ladies are out to have fun. It’s a break from your work stress. There’s no need to worry about an argument you had with a spouse or the frustrations of life, because we have you covered. When you walk into our facility, all you need to worry about is booking your next visit. Choose any of our rooms, kick-off your Sunday shoes, and prepare for you and your girlfriends to be completely enchanted by our puzzles, locks, and more! All of these experiences are available to you here in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL 33401.

Book your Girls Night Extravaganza now! We can’t wait to provide you the Escape you’ve been looking for. Call now at 561-660-5120 or click here to get started!

Are you tired of the same friend and family bonding outings? We get it; technology consumes our time and work, and life is busy. Here at West Palm Beach Escape Rooms, we promise to bring you a dose of the communication, laughs, and thrills you’ve been missing!

Your family and friends people to be treasured, and we want you help YOU entertain them in a way you all love and deserve. It’s simple. It’s flexible. We’ve got you covered.

West Palm Beach Escape Rooms will provide an immersive experience for all ages in your party, and give you the smile-filled memories of a lifetime! Why keep settling for things like movies, bowling, or dining when you could take your bonding to the next level? Your family and friends all want a mystery, and you want something that will change with each visit. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms is internationally recognized and a proud part of the International Escape Room Directory.

South Florida is gorgeous and there’s no denying the beauty of West Palm Beach. Dive a little deeper and bring your loved ones to our premier escape place. You’ll come back for more, and we’ll be glad to bring you into our little world of puzzles and clues. Call 561-660-5120 to book a room or ask questions and we’ll take care of you.

Friends better our lives.
Family bring us love and home.

Show them that you care and take your relationships to a whole new level of entertainment. Book now!

Oh, yes! Date night is coming up. Whether you’ve been together for ages or this is your first night out with your sweetheart, you’re looking for something to set this date apart from all of the others. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401 is the key to a new and fun adventure to kindle the flame. Sure, you could go bowling or snuggle up at the movie theater after a romantic dinner out on the town, but why settle for something standard? When you book one of our escape rooms, you’re guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.

Picture this: you stroll into a clean facility and you’re greeted with smiles. A wall decal asks, “Are You Up For It?” and before you and your date know it you’re both intrigued. After being put into one of our rooms, you and your sweetie are left to ONE HOUR of solving puzzles, clues, and opening locks to escape. West Palm Beach Escape Rooms offers a simple and engaging solution to Date Night. There isn’t a need to stress over starting a conversation or saying something embarrassing, because it’s just the two of you working through the thrills and discoveries to escape! Date Night couldn’t be any easier!

You’re after a memorable date night. We get it, and that’s why when you BOOK NOW with us, we’ve got everything under control. Sure, simple meals at a restaurant down on Clematis are cute, but nothing can create a better bonding experience and produce amazing communication for the two of you like solving mysteries can. We’ll bring you a classy and fun twist on date night with our expertise and room designs, and you’ll get a world-class bonding experience with your honey.

Are you sold? Come on down to 209 S Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401 for the date night or your dreams! Call Us Now 561-660-5120! We can’t wait to have you!